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High Performance Adhesive

Rocket Track Glue and Rocket Prep are high-performance drag racing traction compounds that are a top choice for drag strips and racers around the world.

Its unique formula is designed to provide maximum grip and traction, allowing drivers to achieve faster speeds and better performance on the track. Rocket traction bonds to the racing surface allowing the best tire traction possible for high performance drag racing and race tracks.

The sticky consistency of Rocket Track Glue and Rocket Prep creates a powerful bond between the tires and the track, preventing slippage and improving overall traction. Its ability to provide consistent and predictable results makes it a favorite among racers and track operators alike.

Additionally, Rocket Track Glue and Rocket Prep are easy to apply and dries quickly, which minimizes downtime and keeps races on schedule.

For these reasons, it is no wonder why Rocket Track Glue and Rocket Prep traction compounds are the top choice for drag strips everywhere.


Folks are talking about the Traction @ the Mountain is second to none even though I have been telling everyone that we add a gallon of South Mountain creek water lol. I always say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And your traction compound has vicious teeth!!! Have a Productive, prosperous, victorious, safe and Blessed Season,

-Mountain Mike