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Rocket Prep - We Are Traction

We are approaching 40 years of coating technology experience and lab formulations bring you superior drag racing traction compounds and other track related products.

Our Rocket Prep products allow savings and flexibility of product use at the track level. We are continually improving our process and stay in close contact with track owners and operators to give the best product, customer service and affordability.

Advanced Traction Compound Adhesion

  • Custom Formulations
  • Better Heat Resistance
  • Larger Spread Rate


RTG3X Concentrate a concentrated form of Rocket Prep traction compound allowing the track to cut the product more or less depending on your track conditions.

Blue Collar Brew is a product for our small tire guys getting it done on whatever surface is available.

RTG Thrust Dust is a powder resin that fills in bald spots on the track.

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