Rocket Scents

The most powerful air freshener made with the most delightful fragrances for the best experience that lasts for days. This powerful formula is highly concentrated and made oil based for long lasting smell and maximum results. The advanced formula  is 100% oil based but does not stain and disappears on almost any surface.  

One or two spritz will be enough to keep your car or home smelling divine and create an inviting atmosphere. 

There is no need to keep spraying over and over, just one spritz will achieve the results you desire.

Kills any odor instantly and it’s perfect for use in the car, bathrooms, smoke odors, garbage odors, Great for a/c air freshener to purify circulated air.

 The fragrances can please any liking and they come in 15 different scents to choose from

Try Rocket Scent Air Fresheners now!  Like no other in the market