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RC Tire Prep OG

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Some formula facts:

  • Tire warmer friendly

  • Won't gum up in the heat

  • Works very well in the cold. (tested on a 40 degree ground and no traction loss was noticed)

  • Very little formula is needed on application, so they will last you awhile

  • Works on rubber and foam tires

Formula Use:

OG Grip is formulated as a mild traction enhancing formula (sauce) and is the original formula. Og Grip works very well in cooler and colder conditions. Because of its mild tackiness it is also excellent on dirt tracks both packed and lose, inside and out. OG Grip is good up to about 115-to-120-degree track temps. OG Grip is an all-around formula for all types of tires.

If using on harder compound tires, we do recommend tire warmers to heat the tires to get the correct tackiness (especially for reactions).