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RC Tire Prep Octane

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Octane formula, created by our very own R/D teams Todd Clymens and blended by our manufacturer, is a mixture of several different carefully measured and blended monster Grip formulas including X, Plus and Crawl (among others). Octane has been tested by our own team drivers around the world for various surfaces, temps, tires and conditions. This formula blend has out performed the very expectation that was set for by our very own team!

Octane can take all the power U can throw at it and put it to the track! The formula was blended and tested first with a Mamba Monster X 6s esc (turned all the way up) with a 4 pole castle motor and it took every bit of it! The formula works cold and hot, be careful in the cold (can brake parts) and has even been said to work in wet conditions by a few testers. OCTANE, HIGH TEST your traction!